UCLA Hausa Home Page

The UCLA Hausa Home Page has been developed by Russell G. Schuh. It contains:

  • general information on the Hausa language and its speakers
  • links to other Hausa references
  • information on the Hausa sound system and and writing Hausa
  • an online Hausa grammar
  • a few examples of Hausa greetings and asking questions in Hausa

There is also a link to Hausar Baka, a video course which is available on video tape or CD.

6 thoughts on “UCLA Hausa Home Page”

  1. hello Russell,

    A friend of mine by name Kathy Felts directed me to your website which i must say is quite informative to those wishing to know something about Hausa and even to the Hausas as well.
    I dwell in the nothern part of Nigeria, Sokoto State to be precise which as you might have known is predominantly hausa spoken.
    Well, this friend of mine upon my request to her to help me look for somewhere where i can get a scholarship to continue my studies advised me to check on you. her very words: “Perhaps Russell G. Schuh at UCLA can offer you some advice on where you can look for money for university”.
    I read Bsc computer science and looking forward to studying either computer science or related course at Masters level. Perhaps you could help.
    Looking forward for your anticipated assistance.

    Kindest Regards,

  2. Sannu da aiki!

    I can only speak for my own university and more specifically for my own department, but most, if not all post-graduate programs in the US work along similar lines. Application to post-graduate programs (call just “graduate” programs in the US) is now almost entirely online. You can get information on where programs of interest are to be found by googling on the type of program you want. Once you have located a program that appeals to you, you will be able to go to their graduate program application website and get application information. In order to get financial support you first have to be accepted to a graduate program. Acceptance depends on the quality of your application, of course. These days, any graduate program that is worth anything will guarantee at least some support to anyone that it admits.

    Allah ya ba da sa’a!

    Russell Schuh

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