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Magama magazine

Posted by hausaonline on Monday, May 29, 2006

Magama is a Hausa magazine issued four times a year by the United States Diplomatic Mission to Nigeria. You can download the issues as PDF files. Here is a link to the latest issue, March 2006. Rightclick and choose “save on your computer” in order to download.


5 Responses to “Magama magazine”

  1. aijakari said

    thank u 4 ur kind

  2. aijakari said

    mun gode da abin da Amurka ke yimana.Amma kuma gwamna tin nigeria.tana dannemana. donhaka kusa idanu sosai. Mungode. DAGA.musal kazim Aljakari.

  3. […] new (Dec 07/Jan 08) edition of the Magama magazine has just appeared. It is a special edition on education (Ilimi). Magama can be ordered by email […]

  4. Kabiru sulaiman wukari jahar taraba nigeria said

    Ina gaida ma aikatan wannan gidan radio mai albarka allah ya barmu tare.

  5. Ali Ado said

    Jamus rddio

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