Another online Dictionary: K’ofar Hausa

K’ofar Hausa” is a Hausa online dictionary run by Dr. Franz Stoiber at the Department of African Studies, University of Vienna.

You can look for key-words in either

You can also send your contributions.

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6 thoughts on “Another online Dictionary: K’ofar Hausa”

  1. i am by name,shetima mohammed.i want to ask why is it that you dont have a correspondent that cover south east for your media house.i have written in the past but no reply was made to me,i wish to know if this is not the appropriate medium to lodge my inquiry.

    thanks and God Bless.

  2. A number of times, readers of my blog have written comments to my posts which were really email messages to Radio Deutsche Welle, BBC, Voice of America etc., thinking that this is their website. I would like to clarify again that this weblog is not linked to Deutsche Welle or any other radio station that has a Hausa service, even if I have referred to their broadcasts or websites in some of my posts. This is a private weblog, which is all about learning Hausa (and other less commonly taught languages) using the Internet.
    If you want to contact the Hausa Service of Radio Deutsche Welle or some other radio station, please send an email directly to their email address. Thanks.

  3. Don Allah Dw ko gayawa dukkani yan arewa Nijeriya sukoyi hali na sir, Amadu Bello da kuma Abukar tafawa balewa ko Allah nasa kasamu ta gyaru.

  4. Kai Allah maitalalakenan to shuwagabanini na Nigeria yakamata fakusani dacew Jonathan Namadi sanbo Devit mak Lamaran mako cif of Army I G of polic yakamata kusan cewa zaku mutu kugamu da Allah mahaliciku kuma mahalicin duniya da lahira sai kubi duniya ahankali inyau kune to ai watarana bakobane kumafa kusani dakau kowa burinsa inya mutu yashiga aljanna to da irin wannan aikine zakushiga aljanna kai Allah kabamuda sauki amin

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