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Hausa On Your Desktop via RSS

Posted by hausaonline on Saturday, July 29, 2006

You can get news and background information in Hausa delivered directly to your computer via RSS from the Hausa section of Radio Deutsche Welle.

They offer the following RSS feeds:

DW-WORLD.DE’s Hausa News

DW-WORLD.DE’s Hausa Politics

You need to copy the URLs into your news aggregator (sometimes also called feed reader) software to subscribe. Browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 have integrated support for RSS feeds. If you use Mozilla Thunderbird as your email software, it can also be used as a simple news aggregator. Here is a list of news aggregators.

If you don’t know RSS yet, you can read more about it at the BBC website.


5 Responses to “Hausa On Your Desktop via RSS”

  1. Abdou Illia said

    I have downloaded the software, and subscribed (for free) to the RSS feeds. Now I can read Radio DW news in Hausa directly from my desktop. It is very interesting. Thanks for the info.

  2. malami makama said

    godiya gareku mutanen jamus muna gamsuwa sosai

  3. way abun ma takayci way ace a kasata niger shekara santin da wani abu ana tono karhen uranion way ama ace bamusaba kalasabama jane ko farine in oua mutashi allah wadaran naka shilalace

  4. jamus inaso kuba tarihin dangantaka tsakani damagaram da katsina inaso inji wani sarki da wani sarki nadamagaram akanada a katsina yaya akayi nati yadawo

  5. allah yataimaki mutanen bbchausa yataimakemu gabaki daya.

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