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Web resources for African languages

Posted by hausaonline on Friday, August 11, 2006

Web resources for African languages is a private website by Jouni F. Maho. Here is the statement of purpose for this website:

The main purpose of this site is to offer easy access to online materials that deal with African languages and linguistics. Particular emphasis is put on materials that contain descriptive/structural data, though not exclusively so. In short, this site collects links to other sites hosting free stuff, be they downloadable files (of any format), web-readable texts, searchable databases, or whatever. Links to commercial enterprises won’t be added, as a rule.

As promised, the site has a large number of links, including links to Hausa materials. These include:

  • Dictionaries, word lists, etc.
  • Learners’ materials, grammar introductions, etc.
  • Pronunciation, phonetics, phonology, prosody
  • Studies in grammar and lexicon
  • General, miscellaneous, unsorted

This website should be added to your bookmarks immediately.


3 Responses to “Web resources for African languages”

  1. I hope all the links here are not on Hausa only. I will go through them. Thanks so much for this service.

  2. I think what is being done for Hausa here should be done for other African Languages. How do we do this?

  3. Have a look around Jouni Maho’s website ( , there are links to resources for many other African languages, including Yourba ( You may want to contact Jouni Maho if you know about other resources that aren’t listed there yet.

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