Hausa websites

While looking for Hausa stories, I recently stumbled upon a number of Hausa websites. Some of them provide nice reading material for intermediate and advanced learners:

What do you like to read in Hausa?

12 thoughts on “Hausa websites”

  1. ASLM, my name is Aminu Muhammad, nigerian and student of mevlana university, Konya Turkey, pls those who are posting picture on this site should please be putting a nice and attracting pictures so that we will be valued by the non-hausa tribe. Thanks

  2. Amincin So Da Kaunar Annabi S A W Su Tabbata Ga Masu Tsantsar Tsananin Tsagwaron Tsabagen Zunzurutun Kaunar Annabi Muhammadu S A W Bayan Haka Ina Rokon Allah Ya Kara Narkadda Mu. Ya Kara Dawwmadda Mu.Ya Kara Markadadda Mu. Ya Kara Azurtadda Mu. Ya Kara Wadatadda Mu. Ya kara Zaunadda Mu. Ya Kara Kwantadda Mu. Ya Kara Shifidadda Mu. Ya Kara Nutsadda Mu Aciki Kogin Kaunar Annabi Muhammadu S A W By I Khalifa 08098051280) ( Email: ikhalifahabib@gmail.Com

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