Hausa Language Learning in Tandem

One way to deepen your knowledge of Hausa is learning it in tandem. At the International Tandem Network website you can learn how Language Learning in Tandem works. In short,

Learning in tandem can be defined as a form of open learning, whereby two people with different native languages work together in pairs in order

  • to learn more about one another’s character and culture.
  • to help one another improve their language skills.
  • to exchange additional knowledge – for example, about their professional life.

Tandem language learning takes place through authentic communication with a native speaker, who can correct the learner and also support him in his attempts to express himself. Since each partner can speak the other person’s language at least to some extent, they have more opportunities to help one another: through explanations in the foreign language, through comparisons, etc. As learning in tandem is always based on communication between members of different language communities and cultures, it also facilitates intercultural learning.

At the International Tandem Network website you can learn more on tandem tasks, projects and tandem by email.

If you feel like giving tandem learning a try, you can get in contact with Hausa speakers through Polyglot.

Good luck with your Hausa learning!

7 thoughts on “Hausa Language Learning in Tandem”

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  2. I crossed the river Niger for the first time in my 43 years of life. As a Nigeria who hails from Delta state of Nigeria, it was an experience to have visited Abuja and Kaduna for the first time. What I saw and how the people welcomed me made me want to learn the hausa language by any means possible. Typically, when one is ignorant of any subject matter, whatever one knows of that subject is often made up of secondary and mostly, untrue information. I was in all Kaduna and I met both old and young men who were all amazed that I have never, as a Nigerian, crossed the Niger up until now. As a first timer up north, they welcomed me with food, dance and constant fussing about my comfort. I know that they meant it as I cannot imagine otherwise. So, on departing, I made promises to the old men (especially the oldest) who took me as their ‘Kudu’ southern son, that I would certainly come back to see them again and that I will make sure that I never forget the friendship that brought me there.

    So if you can please direct me to the best source of learning the hausa language. I would appreciate this very much.

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