Sorry, this isn’t Deutsche Welle

A number of times, readers of this blog have written comments to my posts which were really email messages to Radio Deutsche Welle (Muryar Jamus), thinking that this is their website. In the past, I have usually forwarded these email messages to Radio Deutsche Welle, but now I feel that I need to clarify that this weblog is not linked to Deutsche Welle or any other radio station that has a Hausa service, even if I have referred to their broadcasts or websites in some of my posts. This is my private weblog, which is all about learning Hausa (and other less commonly taught languages) using the Internet.

If you want to contact the Hausa Service of Radio Deutsche Welle or some other radio station, please send an email directly to their email address. Here is a list (found on their websites, which are listed here under “Links“):


Deutsche Welle
Hausa Redaktion
53110 Bonn

Fax: +49 228 429-4952


P.M.B. 2241, Kaduna, Nigeria
P.M.B. 12934, Lagos, Nigeria

P.M.B. 01578, Accra-East, Ghana

B.P. 561, Niamey, Niger


BBC Hausa Service
Bush House
Tel: + 44 020 7557 2516
Fax: + 44 020 7240 4304


Voice of America:

Adireshinmu A Nijeriya
VOA Hausa
PMB 5760
Abuja, FCT Nigeria
Adireshinmu A Nijar
BP 11201
Niamey, Niger
Adireshinmu A Kamaru
VOA Hausa
BP 817
Yaounde, Cameroon
Adireshinmu A Cote D’Ivoire
VOA Hausa
01 BP 1866
Abidjan 01, Ivory Coast
Adireshinmu Na Amurka
VOA Hausa
African Division
330 Independence Ave. SW
Washington, DC 20237

Lambar Wayarmu
1(202) 203-4077

Adireshinmu Na Email


Muryar Jama’a

Plot 47 Sharada Phase I,
Sharada Industrial Estate,
+234 64 942777
+234 64 660907
Studio Phone in Numbers: +234 64 942452, +234 64 942453, +234 64 318823, +234 64 318893.

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