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Dandali: Good place for Hausa Audio files

Posted by hausaonline on Monday, March 24, 2008

Dandali - Dandali - Audio

A great place to look for Hausa audio files — and other Hausa-related materials — is Dandali, a Hausa website run by some Hausa speakers, including Dr. Abdalla Uba Adamu, a Professor of Science Education and Curriculum Studies of Bayero University Kano (BUK).

Just to give you a small taste of what can be found there, click on the following:

Go and visit Dandali for more.


21 Responses to “Dandali: Good place for Hausa Audio files”

  1. Abdou said

    I listened to the the audio (amarsu ta ango) linked to this blog. It’s very entertaining. Thanks for the reference.

  2. hadjia zalika said

    i listened to the audio (soyyeya) linked to this blog It’s very entertaining give me the adress for the acteurs ( ali nouhou, jamila oumar, hadjara ousman i live in niger.

  3. I am looking for song of sarkin kano sanusi.


    I am higly excited with this development of DANDALI website! As a student of HAUSA LANGUAGE in university i’ve been always proud with this website. Infact its the secret of my studies bcos i benefited alot 4rm D site. May ALLAH rward U 4 this noble effort. BILAL AMINU FACULTY OF ARTS DEPT. OF NIGERIAN & AFRICAN LANGUAGES (HAUSA) ABU ZARIA.

  5. Sikiş said

    Nice information, thank you…

  6. Mustapha Habibu said

    Hello, i am looking for the song of sarkin taushin katsina. Thanks

  7. I’m really and really like this website, I’m watching this website’s posts, return to posting and thanks for posts…

  8. I want to join hausa film but i don’t have link, So please help me out my friend and film producers. i am Bashiru adamu belel from adamawa state nigeria.

  9. E’Hello, i’m honestly lyk 2 extents million of greeting 2 dandali, bcoz i’v downloaded unlimited of hausa sogn via my nokia513o-c… THANKS!!

  10. Yes

  11. hassan said

    lamarin nigeria sai addu a

  12. mohammed faisal said

    salam,alhamdulillah nasa tazo kusa

  13. Mustapha Alfindiki said

    Please help me with songs of Sarkin taushin katsina especially for Sarkin kano sanusi



  15. abubakar said

    interesting and entertaining….. how i wish i can download it

  16. Allah yahada kan arewa

  17. Yakubu Muhammad Usman said

    Allah Ya zaunan da wannan kasa tamu lafiya amin

  18. Anas said


  19. Jameel H B said

    Sai kayi

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