Contribute to Hausa projects

The owner of two Hausa websites sent me a message, in which he wrote:

We need more to use on our site and

Here is my answer:

Glad you found my Hausa weblog. I am not a Hausa myself, I have only studied it at a University in Germany. I am not so fluent in it, that’s why I don’t write my posts IN Hausa but rather ABOUT Hausa and other “Less commonly taught languages”. I hope that more learned Hausa speakers will start communicating their ideas on the internet. One project that I would like to encourage people to get involved with is “Hausa Wikipedia“, which could otherwise soon be closed. I hope your own Hausa projects will be successful!

9 thoughts on “Contribute to Hausa projects”

  1. Thanks for the great efforts, and for your intentions to make Hausa a great language. The problem is the Hausa People are not interested in making their language useful to them, they like Foreign Languages… Not bad, I am working on a project which I think will make them re-think on the Language… Ni an haifeni a kasar Hausa, iyaye na Fulani ne, amma dai babu abinda Bahaushe zai nuna mun a Hausa, sai kadan (Hausa-Fulani).

    I have created a Social Networking website (, and decided to make Hausa version of it, I have done at least 60% of the work and still working. I am looking forward to have more Hausa members… dat will contribute on the translation of the complete website.

    In any case, Hausa is a great Language, and it is not to be waste away like that…

    U can holla

    Na Gode…

  2. Great idea, Auwal. I wish you good success for your Social Networking site. Let me know whenever the Hausa version is ready to use, so I can write a post about it and include it in my link list.

    Allah ya ba da nazari!

  3. Hello Useibert,

    The Hausa version is up and running now. You can check it out and provide your opinion and suggestions for improvement, I am currently working for an OS in Hausa… very difficult, but I will try.

    Na Gode…

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