Bubblester — a new social networking platform in Hausa

Internet users love to form social networks in order to stay in contact with friends. There are now many services and platforms, including Friendster and Facebook. Recently, I was informed that there is a new one which also has a Hausa version. According to their developers,

Bubblester is for Young Intellectuals wishing to share their Ideas on the ways we can improve our Businesses, Technologies, Health, and the Environment. You can use Bubblester as a social engine to keep in touch with your family and friends.

Like with other social networking platforms, one needs to sign up in order to join the crowd. Once you have done that, you can start looking for friends. There are already a number of Hausa speaking folks, so by joining you may find a chance to practise and improve your Hausa (or English).

There is a Hausa group “Kungiyar Hausa-Fulani” with the following description:

Wannan Kungiya zata rinka yada al’adun Hausa-Fulani na gargajiya a Yanar Gizo tare da bunkasa yaren Hausa

There is also a blog where one is kept informed about the latest developments.

3 thoughts on “Bubblester — a new social networking platform in Hausa”

  1. Thanks, to switch to Hausa version, simply go to your Profile Settings and Change the Language Option to “Hausa” save your settings and Refresh the page. The Autonomous language switching for non-members will be available very soon.

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