Hausar Baka: a Hausa video course

In one of the first posts on this blog, I mentioned “Hausar Baka”, a Hausa video course which is available on video tape or CD. In my last post, you could see an interview with the person who produced it, Prof. Russell G. Schuh.

There is also a website, Hausar Baka Online, where the content of the tapes is explained:

HAUSAR BAKA is a set of 3 videotapes comprising about 5 hours of natural interaction in Hausa. Filmed in and around Kano, Nigeria, the more than 90 individual video segments show a broad range of cultural milieus, from domestic interaction in families through a tour of Daura, the site where, according to legend, the seven Hausa states originated. The segments are arranged in groups, beginning with greetings and simple question-answer dialogs, advancing through more complex interaction and narrative. Over fifty different individuals–men and women, children and adults–appear in the videos, representing a broad range of speaking styles.

On the website, there are materials which can be downloaded:

2 thoughts on “Hausar Baka: a Hausa video course”

  1. i love to watch hausa films, but not the one with songs. i am leraning to speake the language and music makes it difficult for me to understand. wounld like to know more about the website i can download the materials.

    Kind Regards

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