New Hausa Podcasts

The Hausa section of Deutsche Welle has launched a new podcast “Taɓa Ka Lashe”, which deals with culture and religion issues :

Muna gabatar muku da shirye-shirye masu ƙayatarwa da suka shafi al’adu da zamantakewa tsakanin al’ummomi da mabiya addinai daban-daban da nufin kyautata tsarin zamantakewa da fahimtar juna ta hanyar tuntuɓar juna da shawarwari tsakani ba tare da nuna fifiko akan wani ba.

The podcast can be subscribed to using the following link:

The Hausa Section of Radio France Internationale has also launched a Hausa News Podcast, which can be subscribed to using the follwing link:

If you have never subscribed to any podcasts and don’t know what to do with this information, have a look here.

9 thoughts on “New Hausa Podcasts”

  1. RFI Hausa Launches New Website

    Radio France Internationale has launched a new web site for its Hausa service.

    The new site is designed to provide its millions of listeners worldwide with latest updates on events and developments around the world. We are also happy to present dramatic improvements in online navigation around our in-depth analysis and special coverage of regional issues as well, as accessibility to Rfi’s vast array of online resources.

    With an eye-catching design integrated in RFI’s rich colours, the new site grants visitors instant access to a continual stream of International News, Magazine Programmes, Special Dossiers and broadcast archives, all in Hausa language. The online visitor has immediate access to the web site’s major topic areas that allow browsing and searching through information about Nigeria, Niger Republic, France and all other parts of world.

    As part of the Rfi global network; Rfi Hausa has links to our numerous language sites providing Music, News, Weather and Language Lessons produced by one of the world’s largest radio stations. Join the global community keeping in touch through Radio France Internationale. Log on to Rfi Hausa and stay informed.

    For further information please contact:
    Rfi Hausa
    VON Broadcasting House, Cardinal Okogie Way
    Ikoyi – Lagos, Nigeria
    +234-1-7401456 / +2347030177358

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