Hausa texts found in the Internet Archive

The Internet Archive (IA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building and maintaining a free and openly accessible online digital library. This library includes texts, audio, moving images, and software as well as archived web pages.

I have searched the archive for Hausa documents  and found – among other materials  – the following documents:

As far as I know, these texts are now in the public domain, i.e. their copyright has expired because the author of the texts has died more than 70 years ago.

All these materials can be downloaded. They are mostly PDF files containing the images of scanned pages which have then been converted to text using optical character recognition. Of course, during this process many mistakes can happen, but the texts can still be used for further study and processing.

I am planning to edit some of the old Hausa texts and publish them on this blog, so be on the lookout!

11 thoughts on “Hausa texts found in the Internet Archive”

  1. Assalam. na ga kokarin da ku ka yi na yin yanar gizo da harshen hausa. amma sai dai na ga akwai wadansu kalmomi da ba a fassara su ba. kuma ya kamata a ce madannai (Tabs) suma anyi su da hausa ba turanci ba.

    1. Thank you for this comment. Sorry the Tabs and other things haven’t been translated into Hausa. Part of this I could do, part is not under my control, but done by the blog system (WordPress).

      Sai ku yi haƙuri. Na gode,

      Uwe Seibert (ni mutumin Jamus ne)

  2. Bbc world service is authentic media of delibrating news globaly, i recomend them for a job well done, and appreciate their effort for contribution.

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