Ruwan Bagaja on YouTube

YouTube user Dija4eva has uploaded a movie called “Ruwan Bagaja” on YouTube. Ruwan Bagaja is  also a well-known Hausa novel by the late author Al-Haji Dr.  Abubakar Imam. Talatu Carmen writes on her blog Abubuwa da nake rubutawa:

In Abubakar Imam’s classic Hausa novel, Ruwan Bagaja, published in 1934, the character Alhaji Imam tells the story of his cyclic quest for the water of cure. Leaving home, Alhaji sets out on a mission to avenge his stepfather who had been mocked and shamed when he told the king that the magical water of Bagaja would cure his chronically ill son. Alhaji journeys for many years until he finds the curative water, returns to the village, and cures the prince who had been languishing since Alhaji left. A journey that began in shame ends in glory and healing, the young boy who left the village has been transformed into a successful man—the life disrupted by the prince’s illness and Alhaji’s departure is brought back into balance.

You can download the book at can find the movie in my own video collection, too.

7 thoughts on “Ruwan Bagaja on YouTube”

  1. Abbakar imam had been a greatest author in hausa litrature ever created that is how i proved. ALLAH ubangiji yasaka mai da Alkhari ya kuma jikansa. Coz we are certainly being proud of you, and ur company NNPC in Zaria Allah ya kara taimakar wannan kamfani. Daga Abubakar yakubu jigawa, Dutse

  2. Wannan littafi, Magana Jari Ce, 1, yana cikin littattafai daga uku da Alhaji Abubakar Imam ya rubuta a cikin wata shida na zamansa a Zariya a shekarar 1936. Dalilin zabo shi kuwa ya rubuta wadannan littattafai shi ne ya shiga wata gasa ta rubutun littafi a shekarar 1933 ya kuma ci nasara da littafinsa na farko ‘Ruwan Bagaja’.    

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