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More Nigerian Hausa movies on YouTube

Posted by hausaonline on Friday, February 19, 2010

More and more people upload and collect Hausa movies on YouTube. One of them is Sulei1000. This collection has complete Hausa movies, split up in parts, because at YouTube clips can’t be longer than 10 minutes. Some of the videos have English subtitles. Here is one of the video clips I found there:

It is the first part of the video, the remaining parts can be found here


73 Responses to “More Nigerian Hausa movies on YouTube”

  1. Abdulrahman said

    Hi guys you are doing a wonderful job god bless you for you educative programmes finally my regards to all members

  2. Mallam Rashid said

    October 7, 2010

    It is with great pride that, we the Hausa / Fulani crowd, from North America, watch these wonderful programs. They are without doubt, the best programs for our families to watch.

    The are highly educational, entertaining and culturally rich. Please, give our regards to your group and families.

    Prof. Rashid

  3. you guys are doing a wonderful jobs keep it up

  4. Salinga said

    Hausa movie is d only u can watch freely with ur family…is d best

  5. khadija said

    kannywood kip it up

  6. I like watch hausa film my best actor ali nuhu

  7. i must sent my uncountable greetings to FKD BOSS ALI NUHU And FKD GUYS

  8. Sanusi Dodo said

    hausa film actors keep it up and Adams A Zango my best actor,babban yaro.

  9. Ibrahim Sani Geidam said

    Ali Nuhu the best actor

  10. Its my dream 2b a hausa movie actor

  11. I like watching ALI NUHU movies and ZAINAB Indomi and JAMILA u guys are d best.

    • Zaker Bashir said

      I’m Zaker from Sudan, I do love watching hausa movies but the sound somtimes is not perfect

      • Rahama Bello Gunda said

        Hausa movies the pride of the north u guys are really trying but pls the ladies be more religious concious and potray islam well by using even if its a viel to show that we are suppossed to do that



  13. sulaiman said


  14. sulaiman said

    hi members of dis st Adam A zango are d best in hausa movies

  15. Shu.aibu murtala said

    Adam a zango is my best friend forever and ever

  16. umar dambatta said

    It seems like there are fewer or no hausa stuff online gaba daya. But duk wanda yake son wakar hausa, yayi contacting dina ta email,, sai ya fadi sunan wakar, idan ina da ita insha Allahu zan turo masa ta email.

  17. hi FKD regards 2 my best actors Ali nuhu n A.zango. And my actress,Nafeesat Abdullah.wsh u bst of luck in ur life activities.thnkz till i hear 4rm u.

  18. nana said

    thet all thet best actor in thet world …….

  19. nasir said

    it is most appropriate to promote hausa movies in all dimention, better still lets uphold the virtures and the values and some of the lessons in the hausa movies.

  20. aliyu ibrahim musa said

    im kiev right now watching the movies,it makes me feel at home.keep it up.

  21. ibrahim hamisu said

    Hausa industry,i want to advice you..u have to change ur pattern,kudaina wake wake,ku tsaya ku film mai kyau kunqi,most expecialy Ali nuhu,ka waye,amma uwa baka waye ba

  22. good movie try 2 maintain d northern culture & stop using shoe in room &in d sitting rooms young thinks is modernazation let know dat is wasternazation

  23. I love u all both actors and actress and finally my regards to all members thnkz

  24. U deserve the best Alh. Sani Musa Danja the giant of hausa industry

  25. Am proud of my boys, A.U boys musical studio mahuta Dandume local Govt katsina state. Thank u Abdullahi salisu and s adam 2b my boyz

  26. Alfindik said

    Shugaban ninmu sa’ura kis muyi tawaye a najeriya sa’i amutu damu wallahi allah in ba za’ayi mana adalci ba

  27. Alfindik said

    Mata sun dame wa’i a’ure suke so nikuma bayan zuba.idan wanda ke so to..

  28. Safiya Aliyu Alkasim said

    It is my great pleasure 2 u best actor among d best , u a my actor in hausa film industry GOD help u & move u forword ameen wassalam sarki Ali Nuhu

  29. Rose said

    Dis is no meaning to me at all.

  30. Hausa film shaould be my best film when they have start complete a film like other e.g from part one to the end of the film at the same time

  31. Abbakar bela said

    Assalam.sako na zuwa ga sarki mai f.k.d taurarin tauraro dan Allah kira gareka shine,bai dace da kai ba, rawa a film domin ka wuce wannan matsayi dafatar zaka fahimce hakan,my regards to all members and fans wish u goodluck in ur all activities thnks

  32. hello people

  33. Aminu sulaiman said

    Ba yabo ba fallasa wanda yabata yasani,wanda ya gyara ya sani.

  34. M0uhamat.tayiro

  35. Abbakar bela said

    assalam,u guyz u are doing wonderful job god bless u and protect u guyz from any evil deed,my regards to my best actors sarki mai f.k.d,a zango,and others.a.zango u did a wonderful in babban yaro,my regard to all f.k.d fans god bless u.

  36. abubakar said

    Hausa film should be my best film ,my best actor among the best is sani danger

  37. Sani abdullahi said

    Godiya tamusaman agareku gaduk manyan yan shirin hausa film,

  38. saminou mamoudou said

    you know friends, among all thoses actors films haoussa,adam zango is there best one.all what he product it will give to men a veritable lesson and that in which eather domaine.saminou since Niger

  39. Habeeb Chaichai said

    Love u too much my best Actor A Zango.(Babban yaro

  40. Bnsadiq said


  41. Assalam,ina gwanin wani ga nawa yabon gwani yaza dole,tauraron taurari, jarumin jarummai, yaro mai lokaci tareda manya kasha gabansu Adam.A.zango,may regards 2 all FKD members,I ask Allah 2 make u happy make u smile guide u safely though evry mile grant u wealth gve u health nd mst of all grant u jannatul firdaus ameen

  42. Allahu yarxuqu man yasha,u bi gairi hisa b

  43. I murjanat dahiru, i am here to make some comment. about the star of the stars, jamila umar nagudu! she is our best actress cauz ,she is very frndly to people even dor she din’t now you, may God help you in all your good dead

  44. umar babaji said

    hausa fim kuna burgeni inagin dadin ganinku

  45. Aliyu said

    I love d hausa movie course dey ar doing their best.

  46. Abbas said

    Yeah it’s wonder

  47. Ahijjo said

    Pls wat’s d name of that hausa actress that done babban yaro2 wit adam a zango

  48. Ahijjo said

    Waiting 4 ur reply

  49. Rahama Bello Gunda said

    I love nollywood movies especially those with Ali Nuhu,sadiq sani sadiq,and Rahma hassan but I don’t know how to get about geting them I live in kaduna can you email me the name of shops near me where I can buy?

  50. Rahama Bello Gunda said

    I love nollywood movies especially those with Ali Nuhu,sadiq sani sadiq,and Rahma hassan .Thumps up to u actors may Allah grant you more wisdom to do the best always

  51. abass.yaro said


  52. Babaganakgg said

    Assalamu alaikum ianajindadi abubuwada sukayi

  53. Rahama Bello Gunda said

    They are doing a great job keep the good work

  54. abdul said

    kip it up

  55. Yassir Arafat said

    yassir arafat. may Allah reward u for proclaiming islam in another way.thank you.

  56. Am happy to see my young boys that we train are strong na act the way say.

  57. jaffar said

    I love hausa

  58. kabiru ABJ said

    the actor, of my clasically the best no one but ALI NUHU allah yaja zamanin ka.

  59. i love two star in hausa firm one is ali nuhu the other is female that is nafisa abdillahi

  60. my best actor is sarki ali nuhu and adam zongo

  61. Emelia Onumonu said

    Having been raised in the northern part of Nigeria myself, watching the Hausa movies really took me home, reminded me of the wonderful old days also the wonderful culture and traditions of the Hausa people am really proud of you all keep it up!!.

  62. adamu said


  63. Adam A xango always d best!

  64. Zango always d best!

  65. sanusiddeen said

    we ar nthng but pencil is in the hand of the creator

  66. A bar yaudara

  67. WillisTap said

    You have a great blog here,I will start reading more.Please visit blog,I have a great article about the last king of Rwanda in Africa,I’m trying to raise awareness because his presence in the area would bring peace to the great lake region in central Africa.Thanks

  68. Assalamu alikum, ya yan uwa, my comment here is i want to give you a little advice to all directors of movies to be always put fear allah during their acting film.

  69. Yusuf muhammed said

    Gabadai gabadai nabaya sailabari

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