More Hausa Online Resources

I have come across another website designed to help people learn Hausa. It is called “Hausa Online Resources” and is part of the Language Resource Center of Columbia University. The following screenshot shows the main menu:

Starting from the main menu, you could choose to do a vocabulary quiz:

What I found most useful is a tool where you can listen to an easy Hausa text and read it alongside:

Whenever you point your mouse on a word in bold print, an explanation of the word is given underneath the text. In the following screenshot, I pointed on allo:

The only criticism I have is the orthography, which doesn’t differentiate between normal and hooked letters. Also, there are many typos. Still, I think this resource can be very useful for beginning Hausa learners.

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One thought on “More Hausa Online Resources”

  1. Jamila umar nagudu my regard to you, i ask Allah to make you happy and make u smile guide u safely through every mankind. Grant u wealth give u health and most of all granth u jannatul firdaus ameen. And it is my dream to be a hausa movies actress, THANKS TILL I HEAR FROM U.

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