Free Online Hausa Translator

At I have found a free online translation tool that is (somewhat) able to translate from and to Hausa. Here is a screenshot:


Machine translation tools are usually very limited in what you can do with them, so don’t expect too much. But it may be fun to try out anyway.

31 thoughts on “Free Online Hausa Translator”

  1. Thanks for the link, Uwe. This is something I have been hoping would come out soon, so hopefully it is a sign of things to come. This current edition seems really un-usably primitive, though. Maybe we can petition google translate to add Hausa…

  2. Can someone translate this please?

    Garuss: Eyeh wa tao nene ta sa ka manta ummi
    Kabir: Kai tana karanta chat e na kullum fa
    Kabir: kana sa wannan suna, mai zan ce mata
    Garuss: wow kache mata daga gida aka ban sako da sunanta
    Kabir: za tarubuta ta cema wani ya karanta
    Garuss: kai delete mu fara sabon chatin to cover it

    1. Garuss; Yeah, is is Nene, has made you to forget Ummi
      Kabir; She reads my Chat every day.
      Kabir; You like this name, what should i tell her?
      Garuss Wow, tell her I have a message to her, from home.
      Kabir; she will write and tell you, that somebody has read
      Garuss; Delete, and let us start a fresh chatting, to cover it.
      There are many orthographical mistakes, and some mis spelt word, but don’t give a damn, it is just a trial.

  3. SALAMALAIKUM inna muku gaysuan salahhh alah yabamu sabon shakaraaa insallah ku futa ma gikin ku kuchii naaamannn layaaa da kewwww da fataan shiii… inaaaa gashe d
    kowwwwa da kowwwaaa ababu station da temmmal ponkrono in agashan sister baby da saida da sister maria alaeh chika marabayan mu so sai and dawo kain nun da haja da tagwai da radiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. please can someone translate this for me……

    “Good day ma/sir. This is to inform you that your ward in OAU is currently on probation. You are required to visit the department as soon as possible as this urgent! Thank you.”

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