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Free Online Hausa Translator

Posted by hausaonline on Tuesday, April 20, 2010

At I have found a free online translation tool that is (somewhat) able to translate from and to Hausa. Here is a screenshot:

Machine translation tools are usually very limited in what you can do with them, so don’t expect too much. But it may be fun to try out anyway.


31 Responses to “Free Online Hausa Translator”

  1. Desertgills said

    Thanks for the link, Uwe. This is something I have been hoping would come out soon, so hopefully it is a sign of things to come. This current edition seems really un-usably primitive, though. Maybe we can petition google translate to add Hausa…

  2. laure said

    Inason shiga makarantar aikin jarida ta BBC

  3. natalie said

    bura uba. yau fa akwai wasa. se an tashi kawai.
    kunyi maganin shaidanu

  4. them be bad mind
    them no want see me they make
    na rise i they rise na fall them they fall

  5. santinar said

    Can someone translate this please?

    Garuss: Eyeh wa tao nene ta sa ka manta ummi
    Kabir: Kai tana karanta chat e na kullum fa
    Kabir: kana sa wannan suna, mai zan ce mata
    Garuss: wow kache mata daga gida aka ban sako da sunanta
    Kabir: za tarubuta ta cema wani ya karanta
    Garuss: kai delete mu fara sabon chatin to cover it

    • Muhammad said

      Garuss; Yeah, is is Nene, has made you to forget Ummi
      Kabir; She reads my Chat every day.
      Kabir; You like this name, what should i tell her?
      Garuss Wow, tell her I have a message to her, from home.
      Kabir; she will write and tell you, that somebody has read
      Garuss; Delete, and let us start a fresh chatting, to cover it.
      There are many orthographical mistakes, and some mis spelt word, but don’t give a damn, it is just a trial.

  6. baby mere london said

    SALAMALAIKUM inna muku gaysuan salahhh alah yabamu sabon shakaraaa insallah ku futa ma gikin ku kuchii naaamannn layaaa da kewwww da fataan shiii… inaaaa gashe d
    kowwwwa da kowwwaaa ababu station da temmmal ponkrono in agashan sister baby da saida da sister maria alaeh chika marabayan mu so sai and dawo kain nun da haja da tagwai da radiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. I need an hausa language to English translation solfware for sony ericssion W710i

  8. halirusahabi said

    baking soda

  9. aleeriz said

    Looking for Hausa to english translators for a paid project.

    Interested candidates can email me at:

    Please send me you CV, contact details including phone number and email address.



  10. A large amount of printed literature is available in hausa,and a variety of periodic is have appared over the years at least two of which are still produced regularly.

  11. feyi said

    please can someone translate this for me……

    “Good day ma/sir. This is to inform you that your ward in OAU is currently on probation. You are required to visit the department as soon as possible as this urgent! Thank you.”

  12. Alhassan said said

    Who can help me pls my frnds?

  13. muhammad ibrahim said

    add me in fb to chat by hausa language my friends, may Allah you all

  14. muhammad ibrahim said

    sorry, I mean may Allah bless you all

  15. Abdulkadir said

    Assalamu alaiku barkan ku da wannan lokachi mai albarka

  16. Nasiruibrahimmuhd said

    This webside helpmeful to learn my english grammatically

  17. mannir said

    wai ya maganar zaben nigeria???

  18. Iyke Philip said

    What is hand-held palm leaf fan call in Hausa?

  19. Dasil said

    Please help translate the following.
    Game da neman ilimi, iyayen ne a gaba wajen hakkin fadin irin tarbiyyar da za a yi wa yayansu

  20. I like this to moch

  21. NAH said

    Please what is ‘Gesuwa’ in English?

  22. Lidi Geli said

    lidi geli

  23. nana said

    please what’s the meaning of “eyyah nikuma mai nayi”??

  24. please i want to know how to speak housa language

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