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A Hausa Photoblog from Kano

Posted by hausaonline on Friday, August 5, 2011

Aminus3 is a photoblog community composed of photographers from around the world. One of them is Dr. Yusuf M. Adamu, a Medical Geographer, University Professor, writer and poet from Kano. I have been following his photoblog for a while and I really love his pictures. They give a nice insight into the culture and social life of the Hausa people and could also help you learn Hausa vocabulary, as he uses Hausa words to describe his pictures. See some of his pictures for yourself:


5 Responses to “A Hausa Photoblog from Kano”

  1. useibert said

    Want to read more of Dr. Adamu’s penwork? Please visit, and

  2. Muhammad golden boy said

    Kubani tarihin wakilinku haruna dauda biu.


  4. Don Allah ku kara nisan zangon tasharku saboda yawancin wurare dayawa ba‘a kama ku.

  5. Ok

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