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Ina farin ciki

Posted by hausaonline on Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ina farin ciki — literally “I am with whiteness of belly” — is a way of saying “I am happy” in Hausa. Presently the owner of this blog is in this state in two respects:  First, Hausaonline has become quite popular. Every day, several hundred visitors come and look for new Hausa videos, links, proverbs or blog posts. The highest number of hits on a single day (September 17th 2011) so far was 1,057! Secondly, it is nice to see that people have started writing more comments and giving more feedback – something every blog owner yearns for. Then, I am also happy about my new Facebook group on Hausa proverbs. It already has 84 members — mostly Hausa native speakers — and many have started posting their own proverbs. This is all very encouraging and I hope that it will contribute to the knowledge of the Hausa language and culture.


10 Responses to “Ina farin ciki”

  1. Ahmad umar said

    Ga hausa movie nan

  2. yunusa said

    na gode yayi kyau.

  3. yunusa said

    thank you

  4. Gubasagan john said

    Its fantastic

  5. Abdulkadir Gwarzo said

    Hausa ba dabo ba ce/ne. Wanne ne daidai?

  6. Maimuna said

    Hausa ba dabo ba ne

  7. Aliyu Abubakar said

    Allah ya albarkaci wannan fili.

  8. assalam alaikum my people

  9. bello said

    inaimaku patan alhairi

  10. Allahyabamushuwagabannimasu adalci anajeria amin. Daga gambosanimaina daura.

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