Ina farin ciki

Ina farin ciki — literally “I am with whiteness of belly” — is a way of saying “I am happy” in Hausa. Presently the owner of this blog is in this state in two respects:  First, Hausaonline has become quite popular. Every day, several hundred visitors come and look for new Hausa videos, links, proverbs or blog posts. The highest number of hits on a single day (September 17th 2011) so far was 1,057! Secondly, it is nice to see that people have started writing more comments and giving more feedback – something every blog owner yearns for. Then, I am also happy about my new Facebook group on Hausa proverbs. It already has 84 members — mostly Hausa native speakers — and many have started posting their own proverbs. This is all very encouraging and I hope that it will contribute to the knowledge of the Hausa language and culture.

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