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Bukin Ranar Ruwa 2012

Posted by hausaonline on Thursday, March 22, 2012

Today is World Water Day, which is celebrated every year on 22nd March. Dealing with limited water resources is a daily problem for people in Africa, including the Hausa people. “Water” (“ruwa”) is also found as a topic or symbol in numerous proverbs. Here are just a few (found in proverbs collections like A.H.M. Kirk-Greene 1966: Hausa ba dabo ba ne. A collection of 500 proverbs and Whitting, C.E.J. 1940. Hausa and Fulani Proverbs):

A dubi ruwa a dubi tsaki.
Lit. Look at the water, look at the sediment.
Not all that glitters is gold.

Ba baƙo ruwa ka sha labari.
Give a stranger a drink and you will hear (lit. drink) the news.

Kifi a ruwa sarki ne.
Lit. A fish is a king in the water.
A man  can do what  he likes in  his own house.

Kome zurfin ruwa, da yashi a ciki.
Lit. However deep the water, there’s always sand in it.
There is an end to all things.

Sai ruwa ya yi yawa a kan ba doki.
Only when there is plenty of water do you give it to a horse.

Find more “ruwa” proverbs in my Hausa Proverbs collection


5 Responses to “Bukin Ranar Ruwa 2012”

  1. M. Sani Chinade said

    Definately the proverbs you brought in Hausa concerned water is very nice. And i even gained.

  2. Kuna kokari akan hadin kan da mutane kebako da kuma wana koke ba mutane na fadin ra’ayoyin su akan abinda ke damun su na yau da kullum muna godia.

  3. Water is vital

  4. Auwaldanhajja said

    I defenatly enjoy your website,wishing you best long life.

  5. yes water is life

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