Google Translate now available in Hausa

Five new African languages – including Hausa – have just been launched on Google Translate! This has just been announced on Google Africa Blog. Of course one must not expect too much from an automatic translation tool. Especially translating sentences from or to Hausa is difficult, since there are many small words with multiple meanings.

I did a small test today. Translating simple greetings seemed to work: I tried “Ina kwana?” and the correct translation was given “Good morning”. But then the next sentence “Ina gajiya?” was translated as “Tired I?” and “Ina labari?” as “Article I?”

Try it out for yourself here: and share your experiences with translating Hausa using Google Translate.

8 thoughts on “Google Translate now available in Hausa”

  1. I created online English to hausa dictionary eight month ago, and now i am planning to publish online Hausa to English dictionary but the only problem is i don’t have list of entire hausa words. Please sir is there anyway to download hausa wordlist in txt format?

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