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Another Hausa Bible website

While looking for something else, I have come across YouVersion, another website which offers a Hausa translation of the Bible. So far, this is the best online Hausa Bible site I have found!  The Hausa translation is the one published by the Nigerian Bible Society in 1979, which was also used on another website I described here. The difference is the way the books and chapters are presented.

You can have two translations side by side, e.g. Hausa and English:

Two translations side by side (Screenshot by Uwe Seibert)

There is also an audio version of the New Testament, so you could listen to the text while reading it:

Written text and audio version side by side (Screenshot by Uwe Seibert)

There is also a mobile version, so you could have the bible in Hausa on your smartphone. Check it out for yourself and tell me how you like it!


Sim Nigeria Hausa Orientation

SIM Nigeria is a Christian organisation working in different areas in Central and Northern Nigeria. In order to prepare their staff, they are now offering a Hausa Orientation course online. I was proud to see that my Hausa blog is mentioned in the introduction as “the place to go first” in terms of Hausa resources. I would like to return the praise: I think SIM is offering a very helpful tool, including practical language learning tips, a Hausa pronunciation guide, useful words and phrases, and many Hausa language exercises for beginners.

Check out SIM Nigeria Hausa Orientation


Happy birthday, Hausa Online

Happy Birthday Shaftora

Five years ago, on May 20th 2006, I started this blog with a review of Philip J. Jaggar’s book Hausa. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins. 2001. Since then, I have published posts on many different topics related to the Hausa language and other less commonly taught languages. You can find links to all the posts in the archive.

The original idea of this blog was to help people who want to learn Hausa. It was for them (and myself) that I started collecting links to Hausa texts, video, audio, blogs and other Hausa-related websites. In the meantime, I find that many — if not most — of the people who visit this blog seem to be Hausa speakers. At least, many of the comments to the posts indicate that.

I am happy about so many people visiting this blog — sometimes more than 400 per day. Also, some of my former colleagues (I was working at a German University before) have told me that they recommend my blog to their students.  That is why I try to keep it up and running, even if I don’t find too much time to come up with new language learning ideas.

Let me know if you find this blog useful for your Hausa learning. And if you have ideas you would like to share (something like this or this), you could even write a guest post yourself.  Hope to hear from you!

Hausa materials available from World Language Movies

World Language Movies is a Christian website where you can download videoclips on bible stories and Christian songs as MP3 files in more than 3,000 languages. You can search their website by language names, continents, regions or countries.

The following is available in Hausa:

Thanks to Matt for the link again!

VOA: An interview with Hausa actor Abubakar Dan Auta

(via VOA) For the past few days, this blog has been visited by many people. Mostly, folks were looking for new Hausa videos. I am sorry I haven’t posted new videoclips, articles or links for a while. Here is one you may like. It leads to the website of  “Muryar Amurka” and you can listen to an interview (in Hausa) with Hausa actor Abubakar Dan Auta. Have fun and keep visiting my blog. Or enjoy reading Hausa proverbs.

RFI Hausa Launches New Website

The following information was sent to me as a comment to one of my earlier posts:

Radio France Internationale has launched a new web site for its Hausa service.

The new site is designed to provide its millions of listeners worldwide with latest updates on events and developments around the world. We are also happy to present dramatic improvements in online navigation around our in-depth analysis and special coverage of regional issues as well, as accessibility to Rfi’s vast array of online resources.

With an eye-catching design integrated in RFI’s rich colours, the new site grants visitors instant access to a continual stream of International News, Magazine Programmes, Special Dossiers and broadcast archives, all in Hausa language. The online visitor has immediate access to the web site’s major topic areas that allow browsing and searching through information about Nigeria, Niger Republic, France and all other parts of world.

As part of the Rfi global network; Rfi Hausa has links to our numerous language sites providing Music, News, Weather and Language Lessons produced by one of the world’s largest radio stations. Join the global community keeping in touch through Radio France Internationale. Log on to Rfi Hausa and stay informed.

For further information please contact:

Rfi Hausa
VON Broadcasting House, Cardinal Okogie Way
Ikoyi – Lagos, Nigeria
+234-1-7401456 / +2347030177358

FSI Hausa Basic Course Online

At one can find language courses developed by the US Foreign Service Institute. These courses were developed by the United States government and are in the public domain. The course materials are made freely available in an electronic format through the private efforts of individuals who are donating their time and resources to scan and OCR the old course books and digitize the accompanying tapes. Check out what is available for Hausa and other LCTLs.

More Hausa Online Resources

I have come across another website designed to help people learn Hausa. It is called “Hausa Online Resources” and is part of the Language Resource Center of Columbia University. The following screenshot shows the main menu:

Starting from the main menu, you could choose to do a vocabulary quiz:

What I found most useful is a tool where you can listen to an easy Hausa text and read it alongside:

Whenever you point your mouse on a word in bold print, an explanation of the word is given underneath the text. In the following screenshot, I pointed on allo:

The only criticism I have is the orthography, which doesn’t differentiate between normal and hooked letters. Also, there are many typos. Still, I think this resource can be very useful for beginning Hausa learners.

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Hausa Reading Kit

I have just come across another great resource for Hausa learners. Hausa Reading Kit is hosted at the Language Lab of Indiana University at Bloomington and is good source for Hausa audio files of different levels of difficulty.

The following is an example of a level 1 text:

The following is an example of a level 8 text:

You could also read the following paper by Reid Wilson: