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Listen to a speech by the Emir of Kano

At the website of Muryar Jamus, under the rubric “Zamantakewa“, you can a find a posting about a speech which the Emir of Kano gave in Switzerland. Yahaya Ahmed writes the following:

Mai martaba Sarkin Kano Alhaji Ado Bayero na cikin manyan bak’in da suka halarci wani taro kan nahiyar Afirka da aka gudanar a garin Caux na k’asar Switzerland. A jawabinsa na bud’e taron mai martaba Sarkin Kano ya yi kira ga mahalartan daga nahiyar Afirka da su d’au k’alubalen da nahiyar ke huskanta da muhimmanci.

If you want to listen to this speech, click on the link to the audio file. In order to play the real media file, you will need the Real Player.

Freedom Radio Kano

Freedom Radio Kano (Muryar Jama’a) is a private Radio station in Kano. It came on air 1st December 2003 and is the first of its kind in Northern Nigeria. It broadcasts locally, in “a range of about two hundred kilometers as the crow flies.”

Their mission statement says that

Information, Education, Entertainment and the promotion and protection of our socio cultural values will be paramount in our programming, in addition to advancing the constitutional rights of Freedom of expression, especially for the less privileged members of the society, within the law.

Their schedule includes both religious and news programs, interviews, etc. One can find many interesting broadcasts, e.g. a live interview with HRH the emir of Kano and a feature on democracy.

They keep an archive where broadcasts can be downloaded as MP3 files. Unfortunately, the bandwidth of these files is very low (8 kbit/sec) and they are a bit hard to listen to.

Here is a sample:

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