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Download Hausa ebooks

You can download Hausa eBooks at, a website dedicated to the Late Alhaji (Dr.) Abubakar Imam, who is the author of a number of well known Hausa books:

  • Ruwan Bagaja (’The Water of Cure’) (English version)
  • Karamin Sani Kukumi (’A Little Knowledge is Dangerous’)
  • Magana Jari Ce (’Eloquence is an Asset’), 3 vols.

All these and other books can be found at the website. In order to download one of the eBooks, just click or right click on download and choose ’save target as’! The PDF-files can then be read on the screen or printed.

On anther website titled, one can find another version of Magana Jari Ce Vol. I, split up into chapters. These (HTML) files, too, can be downloaded.

VoA Hausa News: Another good source for reading and listening to Hausa

Another good source for reading and listening to Hausa is the Hausa section of Voice of America (Muryar Amurka). VoA produces radio programmes in 44 languages and TV programmes in 24 languages.

A very useful feature is the sitemap (Abubuwan Dake Wannan Dandali ). Here, you can pick the topics (Fannoni Dabam-dabam) you want to read about, e.g. education (ilmi) or politics (siyasa). Or else, you can just use the menu to find your way.

Unfortunately, the Hausa “hooked letters” are not marked as such.

Many of the news stories can be downloaded as MP3 files here.

Another online Dictionary: K’ofar Hausa

K’ofar Hausa” is a Hausa online dictionary run by Dr. Franz Stoiber at the Department of African Studies, University of Vienna.

You can look for key-words in either

You can also send your contributions.

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Hausa programmes produced by Radio Deutsche Welle

Radio Deutsche Welle offers a variety of programmes in Hausa:

You can listen to the Hausa programmes, which are broadcast as Real Audio files. You can also download the manuscripts. The hooked letters ƙ ɓ ɗ are used in some, but unfortunately not in all cases.

UCLA Hausa Home Page

The UCLA Hausa Home Page has been developed by Russell G. Schuh. It contains:

  • general information on the Hausa language and its speakers
  • links to other Hausa references
  • information on the Hausa sound system and and writing Hausa
  • an online Hausa grammar
  • a few examples of Hausa greetings and asking questions in Hausa

There is also a link to Hausar Baka, a video course which is available on video tape or CD.

Bargery’s monumental Hausa-English Dictionary online

You can find Bargery’s monumental Hausa-English Dictionary online at By using the following address, you can open a window where you can enter your searches:

I have developed a sidebar for this search window, which works only with Netscape and Mozilla browsers, unfortunately.

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Review of Jaggar 2001

Philip J. Jaggar. 2001. Hausa. London Oriental and African Languages Library, Volume 7. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins. xxxiv, 754 pp.

The following is an excerpt of my review of this book, which appeared as Linguist List 13-664:

The benefit of this reference grammar of Hausa by Philip J. Jaggar, a long-time lecturer of Hausa at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London, lies not so much in presenting new facts about Hausa, but rather in displaying the structural and functional characteristics of Hausa in a comprehensive and instructive manner, using theory-neutral terms.(…) The book is well-designed and very readable. It may be a bit too advanced for a beginning student of Hausa, but intermediate and advanced students and anyone who wants to get a thorough knowledge of Hausa will find it extremely helpful and worth buying, despite its high price.