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Sim Nigeria Hausa Orientation

SIM Nigeria is a Christian organisation working in different areas in Central and Northern Nigeria. In order to prepare their staff, they are now offering a Hausa Orientation course online. I was proud to see that my Hausa blog is mentioned in the introduction as “the place to go first” in terms of Hausa resources. I would like to return the praise: I think SIM is offering a very helpful tool, including practical language learning tips, a Hausa pronunciation guide, useful words and phrases, and many Hausa language exercises for beginners.

Check out SIM Nigeria Hausa Orientation



Free Online Hausa Translator

At I have found a free online translation tool that is (somewhat) able to translate from and to Hausa. Here is a screenshot:


Machine translation tools are usually very limited in what you can do with them, so don’t expect too much. But it may be fun to try out anyway.