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Contribute to Hausa projects

The owner of two Hausa websites sent me a message, in which he wrote:

We need more to use on our site and

Here is my answer:

Glad you found my Hausa weblog. I am not a Hausa myself, I have only studied it at a University in Germany. I am not so fluent in it, that’s why I don’t write my posts IN Hausa but rather ABOUT Hausa and other “Less commonly taught languages”. I hope that more learned Hausa speakers will start communicating their ideas on the internet. One project that I would like to encourage people to get involved with is “Hausa Wikipedia“, which could otherwise soon be closed. I hope your own Hausa projects will be successful!


Bible stories and christian songs in Hausa and other less commonly taught languages


Recordings of Bible stories and christian songs in Hausa and other less commonly taught languages can be found at the website of Global Recordings Network (GRN), a Christian organisation that wants to “communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ, through audio recordings, to all peoples in their own language.”Here is a link to one of the Hausa recordings:

Can you recognize which story is told?

You can find more audio files at the website of Global Recordings Network

Is Hausa Online useful for language teaching?

I just found out that this my Hausa learning blog is currently used as an example in a course for language teachers at Columbia University in New York State. As an assignment, the course participants were asked to examine three different language websites or software applications:

  • one from the perspective of a LANGUAGE LEARNER (choose a language that you don’t know)
  • one from the perspective of a LANGUAGE TEACHER (choose the target language of your students)
  • one from the perspective of a LANGUAGE EXPERT (look for some behaviorist characteristics)

They were asked to post their reflections on the course’s online discussion board. Unfortunately, I do not have access to their reflections on this blog, if there are any.

Students, please post your comments about this blog and give me some input how I could improve it!

LangSource and LangNet – two valuable resources for LCTLs

Are you looking for course and self-study material in Hausa or some other less commonly taught language? A good place to start looking for it is at LangSource, a searchable database for language resources offered by the National Foreign Language Center at the University of Maryland. Currently, the LangSource catalogue offers resources in Arabic, Chinese, German, Hausa, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Quechua, Spanish, Tamil, and Yoruba.

They have also developed LangNet, “a state-of-the-art online foreign language learning and maintenance system”. In a message on the H-Hausa discussion list, they have recently asked for educated Hausa speakers who are willing to contribute to a new Hausa project. Part of this would be creating online activities for Hausa learners.

Here is a link to their message