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Jesus film in Hausa (and other languages)

Nearly two years ago, I wrote a short blog post about a translation of a film on the life of Jesus (produced by the Jesus film project) in Hausa. On another web site, it can now be watched in full length or in short sections and also be downloaded.  It has been produced in various other languages. Check out the web site jesusfilmmedia.org to see what is available.

Still Another Hausa Bible Website

When I started this blog six years ago, it was hard to find the Bible in Hausa on the internet. Now you can choose between different versions, or rather, between different modes of presentation, as the words are identical. In addition to YouVersion and Visionneuse, there is now another website called BibleSearch that offers the Bible online in different languages, including Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba. You can read the Bible online, it has a search function, and you can also share verses on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Just left-click on any Bible verse and see what happens! I still prefer YouVersion because it has the Hausa Bible in audio and also allows split windows where you can read English and Hausa side by side. But the new website may be more to your liking, so check it out for yourself.

Another Hausa Bible website

While looking for something else, I have come across YouVersion, another website which offers a Hausa translation of the Bible. So far, this is the best online Hausa Bible site I have found!  The Hausa translation is the one published by the Nigerian Bible Society in 1979, which was also used on another website I described here. The difference is the way the books and chapters are presented.

You can have two translations side by side, e.g. Hausa and English:

Two translations side by side (Screenshot by Uwe Seibert)

There is also an audio version of the New Testament, so you could listen to the text while reading it:

Written text and audio version side by side (Screenshot by Uwe Seibert)

There is also a mobile version, so you could have the bible in Hausa on your smartphone. Check it out for yourself and tell me how you like it!

Hausa Bible on the Internet (2)

Some days ago, a reader of this blog complained that in the Hausa Bible version I had mentioned in one of the blog posts chapter 4 of the book of Malachi was missing. I checked and found that he was right. Probably the person who put that version online simply forgot to include the chapter. After all, the Bible contains many books and chapters.

In  the meantime, I have come across another website where one can find a complete version of the Hausa Bible in Unicode, in common Catholic arrangement, together with some other Christian materials in Hausa and a paper on Hausa poetic meters. These materials have been put online by Dr. Joseph Kenny, O.P., a Dominican Friar, who has spent a large part of his life in Africa.

Check out Dr. Kenny’s Hausa Bible website.

Hausa materials available from World Language Movies

World Language Movies is a Christian website where you can download videoclips on bible stories and Christian songs as MP3 files in more than 3,000 languages. You can search their website by language names, continents, regions or countries.

The following is available in Hausa:

Thanks to Matt for the link again!

Reading the Bible in Hausa online

People keep asking me about a Hausa online bible, preferably with an English translation side by side. The good news: There is a Hausa Bible (excluding the Deutero-canonical books) available at a French web site. Deutero-canonical books are available somewhere else.

In order to make it easier to use I have prepared the following headings, which lead you directly to the different books of the Bible. Click on the Hausa title to get the Hausa version. Click on the English book title (in brackets) to get an English translation (NIV). You could open up the two versions in separate windows or copy and paste them into a document for easy comparison.

Littafi Mai Tsarki

Torah / Law



Major Prophets

Minor Prophets

Gospels /Acts

Paul’s Letters

General Letters


Deutero-canonical books (English: Good News Translation)

Bible stories and christian songs in Hausa and other less commonly taught languages


Recordings of Bible stories and christian songs in Hausa and other less commonly taught languages can be found at the website of Global Recordings Network (GRN), a Christian organisation that wants to “communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ, through audio recordings, to all peoples in their own language.”Here is a link to one of the Hausa recordings:

Can you recognize which story is told?

You can find more audio files at the website of Global Recordings Network

Hausa Recordings at Global Recordings Network

Global Recordings Network has produced audio visual programs of Bible teaching in nearly 1000 languages. No matter what one may think about the Bible and the Christian faith, these materials are great for beginning language learners, especially for listening comprehension. One can listen to relatively simple Hausa (or whatever language one is interested in), while looking at pictures that give an idea what the message is all about. There are two Hausa programmes available online, which can be downloaded together with a series of pictures and an English script.

Bible in Hausa, Swahili and other languages online

You can download or read online the Bible in Hausa, Swahili and other languages on the French-speaking website La Bible multilingue.

At the top of the screen, you can choose the language and the book, chapter and verse you want to read.

On a help page you find an explanation how it all works.

If you prefer to download the text and read it offline, go to the download page. There, you find all the different Bible versions:

You need to install Lucida Unicode or another Unicode font in order to see the special characters.