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A Hausa Photoblog from Kano

Aminus3 is a photoblog community composed of photographers from around the world. One of them is Dr. Yusuf M. Adamu, a Medical Geographer, University Professor, writer and poet from Kano. I have been following his photoblog http://hausa.aminus3.com for a while and I really love his pictures. They give a nice insight into the culture and social life of the Hausa people and could also help you learn Hausa vocabulary, as he uses Hausa words to describe his pictures. See some of his pictures for yourself:

VOA: Hira da Carmen McCain

Carmen McCain is a PhD Candidate in the Department of African Languages and Literature at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She is currently doing her dissertation research on Hausa films in Kano, Nigeria, where she also coordinates the Hausa Home Video Resource Centre in the Department of Mass Communications at Bayero University.

Today, in the Hausa section of Voice of America (Muryar Amurka), one can read about her and listen to an interview (in Hausa) with her, in which she tells how she learned Hausa and about modern Hausa life. Here is a link to the interview:

Carmen McCain, who is also called “Talatu”, runs a blog on WordPress. Here is a link to her blog: “A Tunanina

Who will write the first Hausa blog?

I have just come across a blog in Somali, “The Voice Of Somaliland Diaspora-Ottawa”. Their mission statement says:

“We are committed to publishing and disseminating news and information that contributes to a more comprehensive understanding of current events, as they are occurring to our readers”

Nearly everything else is written in Somali, which prompted me to challenge the readers of my own blog to start something similar in Hausa. The technical aspect of publishing text, audio or even video is nowadays easier than ever before and you can have it hosted for free. All we lack is people who share their ideas in Hausa.