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Another Hausa Bible website

While looking for something else, I have come across YouVersion, another website which offers a Hausa translation of the Bible. So far, this is the best online Hausa Bible site I have found!  The Hausa translation is the one published by the Nigerian Bible Society in 1979, which was also used on another website I described here. The difference is the way the books and chapters are presented.

You can have two translations side by side, e.g. Hausa and English:

Two translations side by side (Screenshot by Uwe Seibert)

There is also an audio version of the New Testament, so you could listen to the text while reading it:

Written text and audio version side by side (Screenshot by Uwe Seibert)

There is also a mobile version, so you could have the bible in Hausa on your smartphone. Check it out for yourself and tell me how you like it!

Jesus film in Hausa

The “Jesus film” is a 2 hour docudrama on the life of Jesus Christ based on the Gospel of Luke. It has been translated into more than 1,000 languages — including Hausa — since its 1979 release. It has been put on the internet by Inspirational films.com and can be watched online following this link. I have also added (a link to) the Jesus film to my Hausa video collection.