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A Hausa Photoblog from Kano

Aminus3 is a photoblog community composed of photographers from around the world. One of them is Dr. Yusuf M. Adamu, a Medical Geographer, University Professor, writer and poet from Kano. I have been following his photoblog http://hausa.aminus3.com for a while and I really love his pictures. They give a nice insight into the culture and social life of the Hausa people and could also help you learn Hausa vocabulary, as he uses Hausa words to describe his pictures. See some of his pictures for yourself:

New Hausa Podcasts

The Hausa section of Deutsche Welle has launched a new podcast “Taɓa Ka Lashe”, which deals with culture and religion issues :

Muna gabatar muku da shirye-shirye masu ƙayatarwa da suka shafi al’adu da zamantakewa tsakanin al’ummomi da mabiya addinai daban-daban da nufin kyautata tsarin zamantakewa da fahimtar juna ta hanyar tuntuɓar juna da shawarwari tsakani ba tare da nuna fifiko akan wani ba.

The podcast can be subscribed to using the following link: http://rss.dw-world.de/xml/podcast_hau_kultur

The Hausa Section of Radio France Internationale has also launched a Hausa News Podcast, which can be subscribed to using the follwing link: http://www.rfi.fr/radiofr/podcast/LabarunmuHausa.xml

If you have never subscribed to any podcasts and don’t know what to do with this information, have a look here.

Muryar Jamus reports on cultural festivals

From time to time, in the section Zamantakewa, the Hausa service of Deutsche Welle broadcasts reports on cultural festivals. Here are two  reports I found on their website this month:

Both include links to audio files which can be downloaded.

New feature: Watch Hausa Videos on this blog

I have added a new feature: You can now watch Hausa videos right on this blog. In order to add that feature, I have opened up an account at vodpod.com (you can get one for free, too). From time to time, whenever I see a nice Hausa video somewhere, I will add it to this account. Tell me how you like this new feature!

Listen to a talk with the leader of the bori cult in Maradi

At the website of Muryar Jamus, under the rubric “Zamantakewa“, you can listen to a talk with Iya Anti D’an Kulodo, the leader of the bori cult in Marad’i, Niger.

If you want to listen to this feature, click on the link to the audio file. In order to play the real media file, you will need the Real Player.

New post about wasan kara

At the website of Muryar Jamus, under the rubric “Zamantakewa“, there is a new post and audio file about wasan kara, traditional youths’ and women’s games played at the end of the rain season in Niger.

If you want to listen to this feature, click on the link to the audio file. In order to play the real media file, you will need the Real Player.

Hausa discussion groups

One can find discussion groups on different aspects of Hausa popular culture at Yahoo groups. Here are a few of them:

Duniyar Hausa is about Hausa language and culture in general:

An kafa wannan majalisa ne domin tattaunawa akan harshen Hausa da kuma hausawa.

Finafinan Hausa is for people interested in Hausa home videos and films:

Assalamu Alaikum. Barka da zuwa wannan MAJALISAR FINAFINAN HAUSA A INTANET. Makasudin wannan majalisar shi ne sharhi a kan finafinan Hausa da kuma dangantakarsu da al’adun Hausawa da kuma wakilcin Hausawa da Hausanci a cikin su. Muna yi muku maraba. Wassalam.

Marubuta is for people interested in contemporary Hausa Writers:

Barka da zuwa Majalisar Marubuta Hausawa a Zamanin Yau. An kafa wannan majalisar ne domin bawa Hausawa marubuta dama su samu wurin tattauna lamarurrukan da suka shafi rubuce-rubuce a yau. Da farko an fara da marubuta k’agaggun labarai. To amma ganin yadda marubuta Hausawa suke dad’a hab’aka, sai muka ga ya kamata a fad’ad’a majalisar ta k’unshi duk wani marubuci da yake yi da harshen Hausa. Allah Ya ba mu sa’a, Amin.

M-peg is about technical issues related to video production:

Wannan kungiya an gina tane akan wasu muhimman batutuwa da suka shafi sana’ar hada hoto da tacewa a fagen shirya finan finan mu na hausa.
zamu karasa saka manufofinmu da karin bayabi ta wannan kungiya nan gaba.

Click on the links to find out how to join these discussion groups. Not all may be very active, but you could find some interesting posts and learn more about the Hausa language and culture.

Search for more groups.

Hausa videos at YouTube

These days, there is a great hype about the internet video search tool YouTube. I have tried to find videos in Hausa, and in fact, there were a few. One user named Habeebi has put a few private videos from a trip to Niger, for example. There are videos in other languages, too, e.g. Fulani, Swahili, etc.

I guess there may be more in Hausa in future.