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Hausa Online Materials at Vienna University

Franz Stoiber has been teaching Hausa for many years at the Department of African Studies at the University of Vienna. He has produced a number of online materials (in German), including:

There is other linguistics stuff, and some photographs, too. Check out what is there!

Web resources for African languages

Web resources for African languages is a private website by Jouni F. Maho. Here is the statement of purpose for this website:

The main purpose of this site is to offer easy access to online materials that deal with African languages and linguistics. Particular emphasis is put on materials that contain descriptive/structural data, though not exclusively so. In short, this site collects links to other sites hosting free stuff, be they downloadable files (of any format), web-readable texts, searchable databases, or whatever. Links to commercial enterprises won’t be added, as a rule.

As promised, the site has a large number of links, including links to Hausa materials. These include:

  • Dictionaries, word lists, etc.
  • Learners’ materials, grammar introductions, etc.
  • Pronunciation, phonetics, phonology, prosody
  • Studies in grammar and lexicon
  • General, miscellaneous, unsorted

This website should be added to your bookmarks immediately.

Hausa dictation exercises and other materials online

The Learning Support Service at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has put a few Hausa dictation exercises and other materials online that can be downloaded as MP3 files, e.g.

The sound quality of these files is very high and the content is much easier to understand for Hausa beginners than the radio broadcasts mentioned in earlier weblog entries.

They have materials in other less commonly taught languages, e.g.

Here is a complete list of their online materials.

UCLA Hausa Home Page

The UCLA Hausa Home Page has been developed by Russell G. Schuh. It contains:

  • general information on the Hausa language and its speakers
  • links to other Hausa references
  • information on the Hausa sound system and and writing Hausa
  • an online Hausa grammar
  • a few examples of Hausa greetings and asking questions in Hausa

There is also a link to Hausar Baka, a video course which is available on video tape or CD.