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Global glossary

I just came across Global glossary, a large internet resource which claims to be “Probably the biggest dictionary in the world.” You can search for translations from dozens of languages — including Hausa and a few other African languages — into English and other languages and also in the opposite direction. Try it out for yourself, e.g. the following pairs:

Hausa Reading Kit

I have just come across another great resource for Hausa learners. Hausa Reading Kit is hosted at the Language Lab of Indiana University at Bloomington and is good source for Hausa audio files of different levels of difficulty.

The following is an example of a level 1 text:

The following is an example of a level 8 text:

You could also read the following paper by Reid Wilson:

Ruwan Bagaja on YouTube

YouTube user Dija4eva has uploaded a movie called “Ruwan Bagaja” on YouTube. Ruwan Bagaja is  also a well-known Hausa novel by the late author Al-Haji Dr.  Abubakar Imam. Talatu Carmen writes on her blog Abubuwa da nake rubutawa:

In Abubakar Imam’s classic Hausa novel, Ruwan Bagaja, published in 1934, the character Alhaji Imam tells the story of his cyclic quest for the water of cure. Leaving home, Alhaji sets out on a mission to avenge his stepfather who had been mocked and shamed when he told the king that the magical water of Bagaja would cure his chronically ill son. Alhaji journeys for many years until he finds the curative water, returns to the village, and cures the prince who had been languishing since Alhaji left. A journey that began in shame ends in glory and healing, the young boy who left the village has been transformed into a successful man—the life disrupted by the prince’s illness and Alhaji’s departure is brought back into balance.

You can download the book at www.abubakarimam.com.You can find the movie in my own video collection, too.

New feature: Watch Hausa Videos on this blog

I have added a new feature: You can now watch Hausa videos right on this blog. In order to add that feature, I have opened up an account at vodpod.com (you can get one for free, too). From time to time, whenever I see a nice Hausa video somewhere, I will add it to this account. Tell me how you like this new feature!

Using Google to search for Hausa data (3)

I have just found that Google developers have added another cool feature: Create a Custom Search Engine on the fly. You only need to specify the location of a blog or webpage and enter the keyword you are looking for. You’ll then get results from all the sites the webpage links to.

Try out the following searches (with Hausa Online as the starting page):

Of course, you can use this new feature for other searches, using your own websites as a starting point. I find this very helpful!

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Using Google to search for Hausa data (2)

Last year, I wrote a post on “Using Google to search for Hausa data“. In this post, I described how one can use Google to do searches on specific websites. For example, the following link will open a customized searchbox that will search the website of Muryar Jamus:


Recently, I have come upon a new Google feature that makes searching Hausa data even easier: If you have an account with Google, you can create what is called a “Google Custom Search Engine“. With this, you can specify or prioritize the sites you want to include in your searches. I have created one which I call “Hausa Online”. It searches the following eight sites:

With time, I may add other sites. Send me your proposals!

Bible in Hausa, Swahili and other languages online

You can download or read online the Bible in Hausa, Swahili and other languages on the French-speaking website La Bible multilingue.

At the top of the screen, you can choose the language and the book, chapter and verse you want to read.

On a help page you find an explanation how it all works.

If you prefer to download the text and read it offline, go to the download page. There, you find all the different Bible versions:

You need to install Lucida Unicode or another Unicode font in order to see the special characters.