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Masarautar Dutse — Dutse Emirate Website

Map locator of Nigeria.
Location of Jigawa State in Nigeria: Image via Wikipedia

The same reader (“Matt”) who sent me a link to Tarbiyya Tatali has just sent me a link to another interesting website: www.dutseemirate.com. It is all about the history of the Duste Emirate in Jigawa State, Nigeria. In addition to English and Hausa texts, it has many interesting photographs and drawings by Hausa artists. Matt particularly likes one gallery:

This address has an interesting display of 10 traditional Hausa instruments associated with an Emir.  There are some other galleries as well, of interest for titles etc.  But I particularly like the display of instruments with the appropriate vocab.

Have a look for yourself and tell us how you like it.


Happy Independence Day!

This week Friday, Nigeria will celebrate 50 years of independence. BBC Hausa service has many interesting facts on this topic this week, including  the following:

Find more at BBC Hausa

Wishing all Nigerians a Happy Independence Day,

Uwe Seibert