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Karin Magana — a blog dedicated to Hausa proverbs

A while ago, I published a blogpost on Karin Magana, a blog dedicated to Hausa proverbs. Since then, I have published about 600 proverbs on that blog. I keep adding more proverbs every day.

The extra benefit to what has been published on Hausa proverbs before is that I have added “tags” to all these proverbs. Tags will help you to quickly find all proverbs that contain a certain keyword, e.g. Allah, magana, or mutum.

I have decided to present the proverbs “as is” without translation.  I could add a literal translation, but in most cases I wouldn’t be able to explain the deeper meaning of the proverbs. Let me give you an example: “A bar kaza cikin gashinta!” The literal meaning would be: “One should leave a fowl in its feathers!” – But what does it really mean to a Hausa speaker to use this proverb? Obviously it isn’t just talking about how one should handle chicken. How would you explain this proverb?

I have invited the readers of Karin Magana to send their comments and also to contribute their proverbs. Unfortunately only a few of them have followed my invitation. If you are interested in Hausa proverbs and know a few, feel free to send them. I will publish them and your name will be mentioned among the contributors. If you want to be informed about new proverbs, you could subscribe to Karin Magana’s RSS feed. If you don’t know RSS yet, you can read more about it at the BBC website, in English and in Hausa.

Or else, you could sign up to have updates sent to you by email. Another way is to follow Hausa Online on Twitter or  join my Facebook group on Karin Magana

I hope that you will enjoy reading Hausa proverbs at Karin Magana and I look forward to reading your comments.