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Hausa Wikipedia is growing

About a year ago,  I warned in a blog post that Hausa Wikipedia could soon be closed, due to lack of activity. I don’t know whether it was because of this post or due to some other factors, but since then, Hausa wikipedia is growing fast.  Have a look, and maybe you feel like contributing something yourself or editing (please, don’t vandalize!) the articles that have been written. Continue reading Hausa Wikipedia is growing


Hausa Wikipedia could soon be closed

Today I found the following notice in the Wikimedia Meta-Wiki, which was written a few days ago:

In my opinion the Hausa Wikipedia should be close. It has only stubs , and the Main Page. very few activity. send to incubator.

It would be a pity if this really happens. Where are the Hausa native speakers who will add more flesh to the bones, i.e. write more quality articles in Hausa? It has been done in other African languages, look e.g. at

If you would like to contribute something, but don’t know how this works, here are some guidelines:

You could start with some topic you are familiar with or translate an article from another language.

A good point to start from could be some online news articles. Some old Hausa school books like “Ikon Allah” would be good source material, too. But make sure you do not just copy what is written there, in order to avoid copyright issues.