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HausaFilms.tv — a wiki on Hausa films

Watching Hausa films is an entertaining way to learn the Hausa language and also get insights into the Hausa culture. More and more films – some of them with English subtitles – can be found on YouTube. I have just added a number to my Hausa films collection. a growing number of quality Hausa films can be found on the YouTube channel hausafilmstv.

Now I have come across HausaFilms.tv, “a collaborative wiki-based website and directory set out to disseminate organized and accurate information about Hausa films. Here you’ll find a sortable/filterable list of Hausa films, list of Hausa actors and actresses, directors, producers, musicians, etc., and also news and links relating to the industry. “

Using video to explain proverbs

(via Boston University) In the African Languages Proverbs Project, the Boston University African Studies Center has collected short performances by African theater troupes in their native languages. These languages include Wolof from Senegal, Hausa from Niger, Amharic from Ethiopia, Xhosa and Zulu from South Africa and Swahili from Tanzania. Each performance focuses on one of ten common proverbs and places them within a cultural and social context. These videos are designed for advanced students of the languages and are an invaluable tool for developing language proficiency and cultural competence.

The following video explains the Hausa proverb ‘In ka iya ruwa, ka iya laka?


I have added this and all the other Hausa proverb videos to my Hausa video collection.

A large number of Hausa proverbs can be found in my Hausa proverbs blog.

More on Hausa proverbs can be found on Twitter and Facebook:

Hausa videos at YouTube

These days, there is a great hype about the internet video search tool YouTube. I have tried to find videos in Hausa, and in fact, there were a few. One user named Habeebi has put a few private videos from a trip to Niger, for example. There are videos in other languages, too, e.g. Fulani, Swahili, etc.

I guess there may be more in Hausa in future.