Hausa Online is meant for anyone interested in learning to understand, speak, read and write Hausa, a Chadic language spoken in West Africa by about 50 million speakers. However, many of the hints and ideas I want to communicate may be useful for learning other less commonly taught languages (LCTLs), too.

You can find many more helpful facts about Hausa and language-learning in my link list.

Hausa Online is a private weblog and not linked to any institution, University, or radio station that has a Hausa service, even if I refer to websites or broadcasts related to Hausa in many of my posts.

Readers are welcome to write comments to the blogposts and also add any interesting facts. For this, they need to leave their names (will be visible) and email addresses (won’t be visible). Please do not send what is called “spam comments“, i.e. comments with the aim of luring people to doubtful websites or advertising products. Most of this will be filtered out automatically, and the remaining ones will be deleted. Also, in writing comments, be polite and stick to the netiquette.

Many people have written greetings to other people or to radio stations as comments to blogposts. I won’t delete those, but please be aware that the people you want to greet will probably never read your greeting. Please try to find out their correct email addresses!

If you have comments, questions, ideas or criticism, feel free to contact me. You can use the following contact form:

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Learning Hausa (and other less commonly taught languages) using the Internet

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