Hausa materials in the African Language Materials Archive (ALMA)

ALMA logoThe African Language Materials Archive (ALMA) is a multi-partner project focusing on the promotion and documentation of literature and literacy in the languages of Africa. It also serves to assist African language authors and publishers in publicizing and distributing their work.

The ALMA project has two websites. At the Digital Library for International Research, one can find literary documents in a number of African languages — including Hausa — in Portable Document Format (PDF). An expanded website with complementary African language materials including interviews in video and PDF versions, documentary video, translation work, and bibliographies can be viewed at

Hausa materials that can be watched and downloaded at the two mentioned websites so far:


  • a short autobiography of Ada Luntu, a Fulani artisan from the Republic of Niger (watch the video)
  • a selection of Hausa language video material about the life of Yazi Dogo, a well-known Hausa theater icon from the Republic of Niger (go to Yazi Dogo section)


The ALMA Project was initiated by the West African Research Center and West African Research Association, and thus has its roots in West Africa. Nevertheless, the ALMA website includes videos and text also from East and Southern African languages.

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