VTrain — an all-purpose memorization tool

VTrain is a very usefull all-purpose memorization tool. It was originally devised as a vocabulary trainer, but you can use it to learn any subject. VTrain quizzes you by way of question flashcards. Flashcards are grouped by difficulty into the “Boxes” of a VTrain “Cardfile”. Every time the program asks you the question written on a flashcard, that flashcard is either promoted to the next Box (if your answer is correct), or demoted to the first one (if you don’t know the right answer). This way, after going through the flashcards several times, the more advanced Boxes will contain the flashcards you know better. VTrain can also draw up a schedule of repetitions for you. It includes an Automatic Scheduling facility that schedules all these repetitions for each flashcard, and lets you know when it is time to review it again.

Editing the flashcards and multilingual input is very easy. VTrain can switch between the keyboard layouts of 2 languages automatically. It comes with on-screen keyboards for 100 languages, including Hausa. You can use this facility to enter almost any special character with a single mouse click or a shortcut. You can also import and export wordlists and copy & paste from other editors. VTrain is Unicode-based. This means you will be able to use virtually any writing system of the world with it, but, for the same reason, it supports Windows 2000 / XP and later only.

VTrain flashcards support rich text (*.rtf), diagrams, images, videos, sound, and many more formats. You can edit text, diagrams and images, and record voice samples directly from the VTrain window.

You can download flashcards made by others, but you will find it more fun to do your own! 

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