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Using Google to search for Hausa data

Posted by hausaonline on Thursday, August 24, 2006

You can use Google to do searches on specific websites. For example, the following link will open a customized searchbox that will search the website of Muryar Jamus:

You can customize this for other websites, e.g. any websites mentioned in my linklist or in the postings in my weblogs. All you have to do is change the information in the code above which refers to the URL of the website and which follows

  • domains=
  • sitesearch=

Here are a few more examples:
will search the Hausa Wikipedia
will search the BBC Hausa service

Try out other domains yourself.


8 Responses to “Using Google to search for Hausa data”

  1. Mohammad said

    I shoutout to all over muslim in the world happy friday

  2. KHALID I Y said


  3. Husein a gombe said

    Inason internet addre ss hausa service radio france rfi da hausa service radio beijing china.

  4. Inason internet addresshausaserviceradio francerfi dahausa servicer adio beijing ching

  5. Isah Abubakar karofi said

    Ina son ku rinka aiko mani da hausa website address

  6. Google search in hausa

  7. bn idriss said


  8. Abubakar Isah said

    Agaskiya Idan Google Sunka Dora Amfani Da Hausa To Nasan Akwai Wadan Da Basa Iya karanta Turanci Idan Haka Tasamu To Cigaba Yakara Karuwa Iyaka Sai Muwa Wadan Da Sukayi Kokari Godiya Mun Gode

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